Weylyn Apparel is a activewear brand that was created with the hope of inspiring others to go after their goals in and out of the gym. Our goal is to always design products that inspire, motivate, and make you feel confident.  We created this brand because we wanted more for ourselves. We believe that there is no shortage of success, happiness, health, money or love in the world. We believe in the still not done mentality. This is the belief that though you can be proud of what you've accomplished thus far, there is always more work to do and that you can get more out of life. 

After seeing how living by the still not done motto changed our lives, we made it our mission to spread the message to the world.  When you wear Weylyn, we hope you feel hot as hell. We hope it boosts your confidence so much that you feel like you can handle any obstacle that life throws at you. When you wear Weylyn, we want you to act like you're #stillnotdone.


In 2019, after being laid off from her corporate job, Breanna Henry founded Weylyn Apparel. She knew she wanted more for herself and knew that no one else could create that for her but herself. After she began receiving countless messages about how confident Weylyn clothing made others feel, and that her story had inspired people to start their own businesses, she knew that she had something special that she needed to pour everything into. After 4 years of operation, Breanna wanted to take the business to the next level. In 2023, she reached out to the one person that she knew could help her grow the business without losing sight of what Weylyn was all about: her little brother, Kohl.

The sibling duo currently run all operations by themselves. Every design, every email, every DM, every ad is handled by Breanna or Kohl. Together, they hope to continue to bring you affordable, high quality clothing while spreading the still not done message to the world.