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        Weylyn is a Celtic name that means "Son of the Wolf." 

        One of the most well-known traits of wolves is the alpha wolf's incredible ability to lead their pack. Our mission at Weylyn Apparel is to inspire others to lead by example. It is to motivate others to do more than just talk bout their goals, but instead execute them. 

        Our goal is to create clothing that motivates you in and out of the gym. To create content and put out messages that influence you to strive for self-growth and self-improvement. 

        At Weylyn, we believe that life is about more than just living. We believe that it is about becoming the best possible version of yourself and sharing that with the world to help others do the same. We believe that while you should always be proud of your accomplishments, there is always more work to do. You will forever be #stillnotdone.

        When you wear Weylyn Apparel, you are wearing more than just athletic apparel. You are wearing a way of life. 

        Unleash your full potential. Release your inner wolf.